• About Us

    Endoacustica Europe is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of surveillance systems within and outside Italy. At Endoacustica Europe, we have gained a lot of reputation for our brands because of our reliability and effectiveness, our driving force is not only professional, it’s the inherent inclination of Hi-Fi, electronic gadgets and passion to make it more sophisticated and undetectable that helps our success! This irresistible love for spy gadgets makes us the leader when it comes to the quality, versatility, reliability and sophistication of every device we manufacture and deliver. Our products cater to the experienced surveillance professionals and the ones to wish to try their hands without the presence of any particular background.

    At Endoacustica Europe, we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs as regards the supplying of security and surveillance device that goes beyond their expectation, as customers’ satisfaction is always our greatest priority. Our products and services of high-quality categories are wider and more exclusive than any other service provider in this particular field.  With a wide range of choices on digital voice recorders, we aim to help you choose a product that meets all your needs accurately. Please feel free to contact us at any time about our products. Customer satisfaction is appreciated.

    Our Products!

    Our amazing range of products includes but not limited to a wide range of voice changers.

    Why People Should Choose Us?

    You deserve to get what you have paid for. With our value-added features and after-sales service support; we are confident that our prices are affordable and are able to satisfy your many requirements as customers’ satisfaction is always our greatest priority. We are affordable, trusted and fast service. We love to help and enjoy what we do.

    Our Company works with principles

    With us are three guiding principles, these consequently affect every decision we make.

    • Honestyàwe promise to be sincere with you.
    • Charityàwe are all human. Caring for each other and our customers are our watchword.
    • EmpowermentàFear does not govern us. We are amazing and capable of more than we realize.


    Be adventurous, Creative, and open-minded
    Create long-term Relationships with Our Clients
    Pursue Growth and Learning
    Inspire Happiness and positivity
    Make sure Our Customers are pleased


    We are always available to answer questions or your concerns. Whether you have comments or suggestions to share, we are looking forward to hearing from you. For more expected feedback, feel free to reach out to service@endoacustica.com, phone: +390803026530
    In our shops located in Sede centrale: Via Umberto Terracini, 47 – 70029 Santeramo in Colle (BARI) – tel. +39 080 3026530 / +39 080 43730893 – fax +39 080 40731187; due to privacy problems we receive only by appointment.
    In your messages always write the following data:
    – First name, Surname and/or Company name inclusive of VAT number in case of invoice request
    – Address of delivery and/or invoicing
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