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Basic voice changer

Equipped with 6 different kinds of voices: basic voice changer CV-IInormal, man to woman and vice versa, young to old, robot, kid. Six different settings to mask your voice and make it unrecognizable. It's also endowed with 4 different sounds to get rid of the phone immediately.


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Compact voice changer

compact voice modifier CVT-M Astonishing compact voice modifier equipped with 8 different types of voice. Compatible with all types of telephone, the CVT-M, unlike most voice changers, can be connected to a handset.


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Professional voice changer

This professional device is a true and professional voice changer CVX-II exceptional voice changer. The CVX-II, when interposed between handset and phone, will change your voice into another one. It transforms any voice into a masculine, feminine, adult or child one. The CVX-II can be adapted to cell phones, cordless phones, speakers and microphones, recording systems, or connected to switchboards.


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advanced voicechanger CVX-PLUS CVX- PLUS Advanced voice changer

Our astounding range of products includes the best new Generation Voice Transformer - The Professional's Choice. This unit is an entirely new generation of advanced voice disguise and transformation technology. The Voice Transformer gives you total and unparalleled control of timbre, tone, formant, reverberation, and pitch. No other voice changer unit on the market offers these exclusive features.


Mobile Voice Changer

Also suitable for PC

Newest mobile phone voice changer, also suitable for any PC to modify your voice whileMobile voice changer on line! The CV-C is able to modulate and make your voice unrecognizable, giving you the possibility to choose among four different voice tones.
The use of kit is quite simple and does not require any special technical knowledge. Even when you don’t use it as voice changer, the kit can be utilized as hands-free head set.



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